Redox flow batteries with in-house technology - IK4-TEKNIKER

IK4-TEKNIKER is a technology center specialized in the development and transfer of technology to the industrial sector to improve its competitiveness and that they successfully differentiate in the global competition scenario

With over 30 years of research experience in applied technology, using the most advanced equipment, a constant commitment to R+D+i, the quality of work done by a team of internationally recognized specialists and the necessary accreditations, IK4-TEKNIKER has achieved a high degree of specialization in four major areas (Advanced Manufacturing Surface Engineering, ICT and Product Engineering), allowing to put cutting-edge technology at the service of new challenges.

IK4-TEKNIKER does research on flow batteries since 2008. It has a specialized multidisciplinary team: Automation and Control; Design, Manufacture and Assembly and Surface Chemistry with a common goal: to develop an own design Stack. In 2014 IK4-TEKNIKER developed a first version of 5kW Stack with the following characteristics:

  • Efficiency: Optimizing trading strategies to maximize efficiency and cost per kWh.
  • Reliability: Design and development, especially of critical components such as frames that ensure the tightness of the joint and promote its construction in modular concept. Finally, its maintenance is always simple.
  • Scalability: modular design to allow easy scaling of different powers Stacks.

From this module it has been developed a 25kW demonstrator. Improvements are currently being investigated for the first version of 5kW Stack and development of a new design for a Stack of 33kW for more powerful products.


Featured projects active:


  • REDOX2015 “Almacenamiento de energía eléctrica” Research and development of a reliable and economically competitive redox flow batteries for industrial and commercial use technology applicable to electrical networks of medium and low voltage that allows high capacity storage of electricity.
  • BATFLOW Primera Generación de Baterías de Flujo para Integración de Energía Distribuida" Development and demonstration of a medium flow battery power and energy for application to the integration of distributed generation sources.
  • ESSOX “Investigación en nuevas formulaciones de electrolito y arquitecturas de conversión para baterías de flujo” Research into new formulations and new architectures electrolyte conversion to storage systems based on flow batteries. These systems will reduce the cost of installation and operation easier market entry of technology in various applications.
  • IK4-TEKNIKER and the company ZIGOR work collaboratively with the aim of developing a first generation of redox flow batteries average power with its own technology to obtain a competitive product on the market.



  • Ana Aranzabe: Principal Investigator
  • 6 researchers in the automation and control area
  • 3 researchers from design and manufacturing area
  • 2 researchers in the surface chemistry area