The strategic line of flow batteries is in the materials for energy unit, belonging to the energy storage area of IK4-CIDETEC. The main R+D activities  in the field are:

  • Electrode development
  • New Chemistries (redox couples)
  • Electrode manufacturing (scale-up) and pilot testing


Active projects:

  • Consolidación de infraestructuras y desarrollo de actividades de investigación estratégica en las áreas de almacenamiento eléctrico y térmico” (2010-2012, ETORTEK, Gobierno Vasco)
    The project objective is to develop an all vanadium flow cell at laboratory scale and the development of new electrodes to improve the flow battery characteristics.
  • Desarrollo de actividades de investigación en almacenamiento de energía electroquímica y térmica” (2013-2014, ETORTEK, Gobierno Vasco)
    The main objective of the project is to increase the the global efficiency for an all Vanadium flow battery. It is directly connected to the electrode process within a stack, as well as with the materials (bipolar electrodes, current collector, membrane...). Finally, it aims at reducing flow cell manufacturing costs.
  • Desarrollo de electrodos para baterías de flujo” (2015-2017, enterprise contract).



  • Dr. Francisco Alcaide: Principal Investigator
  • 2 junior researchers
  • 1 laboratory Technician